The Carpool Project

The Carpool Project has studied how transportation and transportation-related organizations could partner with every car owner in the Bay Area to create the world’s first transportation marketplace. The goals and objectives of a “car owner-driven” approach (pun intended) would be sufficiently different from those of “taxi services” like Uber and Lyft, and would not have to compete with them.

The marketplace would enable car owners and their riders to get anywhere anytime for $0.25 per mile. Cost-wise this is 1/10th of a taxi, 1/4th of car ownership and approximates public transportation. This would be a win-win for all stakeholders, achieved by eliminating the biggest cost of a ride – the hired driver. To be successful, the marketplace would have to both envision and achieve the following:

  1. A new conception of everyone’s mobility
  2. A supply-side focus on carpooling that replaces the demand-side focus on taxis
  3. A cost-reducing model that unlocks value
  4. A ride-matching algorithm that distributes the unlocked value
  5. A sales strategy that scales the distributed value
  6. Environmental benefits that significantly reduce GHG emissions
  7. A mobile product that integrates the above into a simple and delightful user experience.

Success would enable everyone to save money, save time and save the planet, and pave the way for an economic and social transformation.