Startup Workshops

By designing and delivering startup workshops, I hope to accomplish several things: 1) share what I learned as a startup Founder and CEO ; 2) develop an integrated series of workshops that might be one day be published; and 3) socialize my plans for launching my next startup.  Here is my initial list of workshop topics, to be continually refined and expanded:

  1. Determining a Unique Value Proposition
  2. Sizing the Market Opportunity
  3. Valuing all Human Capital
  4. Evaluating a Prospective Co-founder
  5. Creating a Milestone-Based Plan
  6. Avoiding Hangups Over Valuation
  7. Preparing to Pitch Investors
  8. Selecting The Best Investors
  9. Considering Capital Raising Options
  10. Executing the Three “M’s” Post-Funding