Our Perspective on Network Structure

As already mentioned, the residents who started their blocks on rBlock have taught us much of what we know.  But they’ve also inspired us to build something more valuable than what’s on the web today.   In the most abstract terms, here’s our perspective on network structure.

All networks thrive on density and uniformity.   People networks in particular thrive on proximity and commonality.   So rBlock designed its network structure to enable residents to create a network that’s at least ten times more proximate and common than a social network.  But that’s just the clinical view of what we do.   Far more exciting and valuable is what residents actually accomplish on rBlock.  We’ll post more details about this soon.  For now, and again in the most abstract terms, here’s what we’re confident residents will accomplish.

When residents use rBlock to invite other residents on their block or in their city to join rBlock, they take the first step toward scaling privacy, relevance and trust across a new kind of network.   Indeed, once residents are using rBlock citywide, we believe it will become perhaps thirty times more valuable than a social network.

rBlock looks forward to the many ways it will share this value with residents and local stakeholders who have made it what it is today, and will be tomorrow.