More About Sharing Alerts

When residents who are not yet on rBlock first hear about Alerts, they often say, “Those sorts of things hardly ever happen on our block”.

But there are many types of alerts that residents on rBlock have told us about, and most of them are not about those sorts of things.  They’re about missing pets, unrecognized cars, imminent inconveniences (a contractor or delivery), unfriendly solicitors, strange noises (outside your door?), funny tastes (inside your water?), immediate dangers (a damaged tree?) and so on.  And occasionally, those sorts of things.

Simply put, a lot more happens outside our front doors than we can possibly know about, and when it does, the residents on rBlock always appreciate being connected.  Beyond helping to create more awareness, the most gratifying stories for us are when residents on rBlock tell us about pets that were found, mysteries that were solved and risks that were perceived to have been mitigated.