It’s Now Simple To Stay Connected

Every block in the United States has 3 to 5 residents who reach out to their immediate neighbors to cajole, inspire and enlist their participation in matters relating to their block’s

  • safety
  • preparedness
  • connectedness
  • beauty
  • problems

These residents have to be super-motivated since the rest of us are pre-occupied with our families, careers, friends and mortgages.  These residents are also super-valuable since without them our blocks would be less safe, less prepared, less connected, less beautiful and less fortunate.  Moreover, these residents exhibit an enlightened self-interest and recognize that however difficult it is to stay connected, for them alone, the effort is well worth it.  Finally, given how much these residents have taught rBlock, it’s now simple to stay connected.

If you’re one of these 3 to 5 residents, you’ll soon be able to start your block on rBlock and invite residents on your block and in your city to join.   If you’re not one of them, let one of them on your block know about rBlock.  You’ll be glad you did.