A Perspective on rBlock from the Federal Government

At the 4:45 minute mark, I introduce rBlock to Aneesh Chopra who then offers me some great insights into how our Company might be of interest to Washington D.C.

The federal government…

1. is looking for ways to hyperlocalize its vast amount of open data – Aneesh says rBlock might distribute selected data by block so that residents could more easily sustain conversations with their neighbors about national priorities;

2. has launched a community health data initiative to promote best practices for good health – Aneesh says rBlock might work with organizations such as www.health2challenge.org to sponsor community challenges, both at the block level and within the wider community;

3. is in the API business and is always looking for creative ways to improve its customer service – Aneesh says rBlock might make it easier for residents to identify a few important federal government services that are relevant in terms of geography and timing, and to avail of such services through rBlock’s platform.