I spent the last ten years running a startup called rBlock. It was an edifying journey, and taught me so much about business, the world and myself. Working hard at something you’re passionate about has truly been its own reward. As such, I feel a deep sense of gratitude toward everyone who supported, challenged and indulged me along the way – my family and friends, my directors and advisors, and my colleagues and investors. Beyond working with my team, I also interacted regularly with amazingly talented residents, community leaders, city staffers and service providers, all of whom kept me on my toes and brimming with confidence. I thank them.

My reasons for creating this site are to: i) share what I’ve learned; ii) hone my writing abilities; iii) pay homage to others and their ideas and publications; iv) cultivate a broader professional and social milieu, in which to expand and refine my skills and interests; and v) simply have a record.

This site is deliberately plain. This About page is the first of several shown above. My Blog is the second page which I plan to update regularly, hopefully with eye-opening entries. If you’d like to be notified when I do, please subscribe by entering your email address on this page.

Thanks for visiting.